Welcome to Tyler's Guide! My name is Tyler, I'm 32 and have been running my gay adult member site, Tyler's Room for 5 years now. I pride myself on having the largest collection of content available for the lowest price. After 5 years I have built up a large and loyal member base. Often members ask me to recommend other sites from an insiders perspective and recommend something that is entirely devoted to the niche they desire. Tylersroom is a mega site and satisfies almost every taste but there are many great sites specializing in niches with exclusive content such as Randy Blue who knows his hunks inside and out, Sean Cody who attracts the hottest of straight men and Boyfun Collection with their massive collection of young guys. So alot of these guys are my friends, some are my enemies ;-) but ALL have wonderful, exclusive sites well worth the price of joining.

Lee Adams is the main reviewer. I asked him to help as he knows his porn :-) He is also a great writer and his reviews are comprehensive, fair and accurate. I have not had to ask him to change one thing about his reviews. They are bang on. I do think he reviewed Tylersroom with an obvious bias but heck that's OK with me ;-)

Some words and pics here :-)

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