Billing Tips

After five years in the business, I'll try and address the issues that seem to have concerned users the most about joining a paysite.

Are there risks in giving my credit card number?
An informed customer is usually a safe customer. Paying for adult sites can be a bit dicey. Most webmasters take the honest approach, while some just want to make a fast buck off you for little or nothing in return. All the sites on Tyler's Guide adhere to strict billing guidelines and you can feel secure joining any site we list. For other sites you may come across and want to join just follow some of the next advice.

Recurring charges.
Most membership sites you sign-up for will automatically rebill your credit card. Most sites will advise you on the join page what amount you will be charged per month if you don't cancel your account. If you enjoy the site enough, you may not mind the charges to keep your membership active. If not, you would be smart to cancel immediately to avoid the rebilling. Most accounts you cancel will still keep you as an "active" member no matter when you cancel it, check with the billing processor for that information. You must cancel your membership before your rebill date to avoid further charges. To be informed read the fine print on the sites you signup for.

Trial memberships.
Things to be wary of with trial memberships... some sites charge outrageous monthly costs after the trial period expires (often more than their standard monthly charge). Some will give you "limited" membership access or even worse only a few "samples" without letting you know in advance. None of the sites listed on Tyler's Guide offer trial memberships like this so just take this as "outside" advice. If you want to save bucks with a trial, be aware of everything in fine print first.

Canceling accounts.
The biggest fear a lot of surfers have is not being able to cancel their membership easily. Most sites won't plaster a cancel link in large bold letters in the middle of their homepage, but it will still likely be fairly easy to find. You can also usually go straight to the billing processor's (CC Bill represents most of the sites listed here) website and lookup your membership information there by filling in your e-mail and credit card number. Remember the "billing processor" you used when signing up or save the email you get when you sign up for future reference.

Will I get spammed if I give my e-mail address?
Unfortunately this is a hard one to answer. I have been operating my website Tylersroom for 5 years now and I have never sent out one single spam to anyone. I wouldn't even dream of "selling" email lists but unfortunately it is a common practice. I'm pretty sure most of the sites reviewed here don't do it but there are precautions you can take. Sign up for a free email account (Yahoo, MSN etc) and keep it solely for joining websites. That way if it does happen and gets bad you can just get rid of the account without interfering with your regular email addresses.

Billing processors have phone numbers, use them.
As I suggested earlier, keep the email or jot down any info from the billing company. Visit their website and most have a prominent "Contact Us" area with phone numbers. Call them with any problems you might have. They are there to help you on behalf of the site you joined.

Watch out for cross-selling.
Cross selling means selling something to already paying members. Some uncool sites charge you membership and then ask you to pay again for anything good once you're inside the members area while offering you a few crappy galleries and video clips for your original membership with them. My advice is to avoid upsells if you do come across them. Stick with Tyler's Guide for sites that do not practice this heavily.
Wrapping Up
Hopefully some of the above will make you feel more confident about proceeding into the wild world of adult paysites. There are a lot of awesome websites out there competing honestly for your business. Tyler's Guide is here to help you find them, so bookmark us and keep us just a quick click away. Cheers!

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