A Little About Lee
When Tyler asked me to write some website reviews for him for a new site he was putting together called Tylersguide I was quite flattered because I have not had previous experience in this area. I am just an ordinary gay person who happens to have plenty of free time to spend on the gay internet. About five years ago I acquired my first computer and began surfing the gay internet to see what it had to offer. At first I was like a kid in a candy store and I wanted some of everything, but as time went on I became more discriminating concerning where I spent my time on the net. In the ensuing time period I have been in and out of memberships in a number of gay websites. Some of them I have enjoyed, and some of them were mistakes for me. No two persons are exactly alike in what they want from the gay internet, and I eventually realized that I needed to find that one special site that could offer me most of what I wanted in one place. For me the answer came about 3 years ago when I joined Tylers Room. I found that the site fits me like a glove, and I have been a happy camper there ever since. I still do a certain amount of surfing around the gay internet to keep myself current on what is new and interesting, and I will even take a short term membership in a site from time to time to satisfy my curiosity, but Tylers Room has become my permanent internet home.
Part of the time I spend at Tylers Room is spent conversing with my fellow members in our forum. Since we have such a large and diversified amount of movie material available to us on the site, I started posting my own reviews of some of these movies. My fellow members have shown a good response to this , so it has now become sort of a regular thing that I do. Our webmaster, Tyler, also spends time on our forum and took notice of my movie reviews as well and complimented me on them. That was high praise for me coming from someone I admired and respected so much. It was this circumstance that prompted him to ask me to do the website reviews for him. Dispite some misgivings on my part, we decided to try a few reviews to see how I would do, and it is gratifying to me that so far he seems satisfied with my work.
I try to approach my reviews from a neutral or unbaised viewpoint knowing that the general public on the gay internet have a wide range of different tastes and interests. What may appeal to one person may not appeal to someone else. I feel it is my job as a reviewer to point out what a website is offering to it's members without making any judgements. There are times, however, when certain websites will have special superior qualities that are likely to have wide appeal, and these sites certainly deserve to have these things pointed out. Any negative aspects I feel are up to individuals to decide for themselves. I also think it is important to portray a site as it appears from the inside to it's members, rather than how it might appear to a casual surfer. I am not a professional who sees things from the business side of the gay website industry, but rather I am just an amateur like yourselves trying to report what I see as I see it. Tyler lets me know which sites he wants reviewed, but that is the extent of his involvement. Like any webmaster, he has final say as to what gets posted on his site, but so far he has not interfered and has posted all my reviews just as they were submitted. Frankly, being the overly modest person that he is, I think he was a bit embarrased by the high praise I gave to him in my Tylers Room review. I was quite surprised when he posted it as I had written it. I told him at the outset, though, that if I was going to review "our" site he would have to let me do it my way and he agreed, and he stuck by his word.
Tyler is not only my webmaster, but he has also become a good friend, and I really want to do right by him on these reviews for his new site, so if you think I am doing a good job let him know. Likewise, if you think I am doing a bad job, let him know that too. Your feedback is both welcome and appreciated.

Lee Adams
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