Tyler refers to sites in Tylersguide as being niche sites, and that couldn't be more true of Boystation. What makes this site so special in it's own way is the downloadable aspect of it's movie material. In these days when many sites are turning to DRM to protect their video content from permanent downloading, it has become increasingly difficult to find quality video material that is available for this purpose. Boystation stands out as one of the sites still resisting this trend. The type of videos being offered is also different in that they are full length scenes taken from studio production movies. Other sites may have such videos, but they are rarely downloadable. Short 3 minute action video clips are also available at Boystation, but here again they are series of 5 clips taken from one studio movie scene, and viewed together they are in effect a complete 15 minute scene. These are also downloadable. Many of the scenes are taken from the films by the German studio Man's Best. This is especially true of the older archives. More recent videos also include many Asian and even some American films, with Citiboys films recently being added to the line-up. Included in the short films section there are about 10 Squirtz Pack series consisting of 5 three minute cum shot clips of 5 different Squirtz models each, all downloadable so you can play them full screen with your Real Player format. Do the math and that's 50 Squirtz model cum shots you can add to your hard drive library. For those who may not be interested in downloading, all short and long play movies also have an instant online viewing option via the Real Player format.
Generally speaking, most model types in Boystation movies and photos fall into the sexy young twink category.
The photo section at Boystation is also very special. Photo sets are obtained from exclusive European and Brazilian photographers specializing in young twink models. Photo quality is excellent, and a variety of viewing options is available, including one of the best slide show features I have ever seen. Solo and action photo sets each have their own section.
Extra features include several live cam sites along with Squirtz.

Site organization.

Long Play: Archives are cataloged by year and then month, and go back to the year 2001. Updates are added on a weekly basis. Along with the video thumb, each video page includes the movie title, the producing studio, and the date of posting. Downloading and instant play options are provided for Modem, Cable/DSL, and in the case of the most recent 4 updates an MPEG option is also available.

Short Play: These movies are also cataloged by year and month, but go all the way back to 1998. Only the movies from 2000 and newer use the Real Player format. Again title, studio and date are provided, along with the same downloading and play options as the long play movies.

Animated Gifs: Two pages totaling 46 animated gifs are also included. These are all derived by Boystation from the various movies on the site, and are viewed on a gif screen provided.

There are 400+ exclusive solo series, 200+ action series, along with a bonus section of Electronic Art photos.

Solo Section: Each model page has the model's name and age as well as the date posted. Photographer origin is also shown. Viewing options for both thumbs and slideshow include small (800x600), mediun (1024x7680), and large (1280x1024) resolutions. Photo set options include the first page of softcore photos, the second page of hardcore photos, download the set, and slideshow. Photo sets are also cataloged by year and month going back to 1999. Archives of 2003 and earlier do have fewer options. The slideshow feature will be described separately. Updates in the solo photo section are provided weekly.

Action Section: This section of photo sets is set up basically the same as the solo section except the photos are of hardcore action between two or more models. Another exception is that action photo sets are only updated every two weeks. Photos in either section can be downloaded in any of the 3 resolutions listed previously.

Electronic Art: This is a bonus photo section availabe in 1280x1024 resolution, and can also be viewed via the slideshow feature.

Slideshow: This is a delightful feature that can be used in either photo section, and it can provide many hours of relaxed hands free photo viewing entertainment. There are two different slideshow menus being used.......a new version for the newer updates, and an older version for the older archives. The new version has these options: Start, 2, 4, and 8 second refresh rates, advance, back, stop, and close. The 2 second refresh rate is faster than many live cam sites, and is almost like watching a movie. The stop option allows you to view a pic for as long as you like. The older menu has exit, play, back, stop, next, and a place for selecting slow, normal, or fast speeds. Pics can be viewed in the slideshow feature using any of the 3 different resolutions.

Live Sex
This section contains the live cam sites of Montreal Boys, the 2 College Boys Live sites from Florida, and a live cam site from Berlin, Germany called Boy Project (DE), the latter being in the German language.

The Squirtz video/photo feature has also been included in this section.

A Guestbook is provided for member comments which are responded to by Boystation staff.

Reviewed: 08/30/2005
Reviewer: Lee Adams

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$17.95 for 30 days rebilling at $13.95 per month
$20.00 one time for 30 days
$33.00 one time for 60 days
$70.00 one time for 6 months
Also choice of cash or wire in Euro or USD.

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