Any visitor to Corbin Fisher's site might well be advised to first go to the "About Corbin" option on the home page. It is here where Corbin personally supplies a good introduction to his site, and provides a preview of what you will find in the member's area.

Corbin's site contains all original content, as he selects the models himself and also does his own photography. The models are all sexy college age men, mostly 18 to 22. Many of these models happen to be straight, but bi and gay models are also well represented. The site is primarilly based on videos, but there are photo sections as well. Two new videos are updated each week, generally a solo on Tuesdays and a hard core action video on Fridays. Corbin does use licensing on his videos, but these licenses do not expire and downloads are viewable on a permanent basis.
Corbin's videos generally are in one of three styles or formats:
1. Voyeuristic.....a simple model solo with no interview.
2. Interactive.....a solo preceeded by a brief interview.
3. Duo or group.....2 or more models in sex action with no interferance.
All videos are fimed using two high end cameras, and instant replay is provided for all cum shots. Windows Media is the format used, with the latest version being recommended.

The site is organized as follows:

On the first page you will find the beginning of the thumb photos for each video. At the top of this page you will find two drop down menus, one to provide a search function for the videos, and the other to provide a means for sorting them.
The search menu has All models, Action all, Action duos, Action group, followed by an alphabetical listing of all 95 models by name.
The sorting menu has options for:
Date...newest to oldest
Date...oldest to newest
Age...oldest to youngest
Age...youngest to oldest
Size...largest to smallest
Size...smallest to largest

In total there are 214 videos on 24 pages. Of these 89 are action, duo or group, with many of the 95 models each being involved in more than one video.

Individual pages for each video thumb contain a large thumb photo, plus options for online streaming viewing at 96 kbps or 346 kbps, or downloading at 346 kbps or 1496 kbps. There is a section for model stats in the case of solos, followed by a section titled "Details" which is an explanation of the circumstances surroundiing each video provided by Corbin.
Next come the two photo galleries: one for digital still photos, and the other for digital photos taken from the video. Both galleries are zip downloadable, and are provided with a slide show option.

In summary, Corbin fisher provides some of the best videos you will find on the gay internet. He provides a great collection of eye candy models and photographs them with great skill. In addition, the 1496 kbps downloads give you a video picture quality second to none. I would not hesitate to recommend this site to my friends.

Review update - Sept 13, 2006

The most obvious change visitors will find to Corbin Fisher's Amateur College Men is the introduction on the first visitor's page of a new companion site called Amateur College Sex. This site is now available under separate subscription, and features many of Corbin's more straight or bisexual oriented models in sex action with females. This site will not be reviewed here, except to note it's availability to those who may be interested. Otherwise, Corbin's original site remains basically much the same. Many sexy new models and videos have been added, of course, with a current total of 349 videos on 36 pages, and models now totaling 118. Ratio between solo and action type videos remains consistantly about the same. The "about Corbin" section is now listed as Orientation, and a new section called The Deans List offers direct access to 12 of Corbin's most popular and prolific models. This section includes a complete profile of each model, along with direct access to all of his videos and photos. Members are also given means to nominate their favorite models to this Deans List. Logan, one of Corbin's best models, seems to have been elevated to special assistant status, as he now lends his charm to introducing some of the new models in their first solo videos. Another cosmetic change is an updated version of the License Acquisition window.

There wasn't that much room for improvement on this site before, but in my opinion these changes make CF's Amateur College Men the premier site of it's type on the net, and I continue to give it my highest recommendation.

Reviewed: 10/27/2005
Reviewer: Lee Adams

Screen Shot of Corbin Fisher's Member Area


$19.95 for 7 days, renews at $24.95 until cancelled.
$24.95 for 30 days, renews at $24.95 per month. After 3 months membership fee drops to $21.95 per month until cancelled.
$29.95 for 30 days, one time charge.
$64.95 for 90 days, one time charge. (Best value: $21.65 per month)

Options are also provided for paying by check or 900 phone billing.

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