If you are looking for something refreshingly different in a twink site, be sure to check out English Lads. British young men seem to have a special appeal all of their own, and this appeal is captured especially well in photo sets and videos by Nick Baker, the professional photographer and host of this site. English Lads is designed well with easy navigation and a variety of browsing and search options provided.

English Lads claims to have 54,100 photos of 163 mostly uncut models, plus 139 movies of 30 minutes or more. Without actually counting them all, I see no reason to doubt this claim. All this content is original and exclusive to the site. Nick Baker manages to capture the essence of these sexy young men with his high quality still photography, and he has a special knack for bringing out the best in them in the videos. He even participates in some of the videos by lending a "helping hand" with many of the less inhibited models doing solos.

Site organization.

In a slight departure from my usual review routine, I have decided to describe for you what you will find as you enter and navigate through this unique site.

As you begin on the home page, you will find dated thumbs of the latest updates, plus a preview photo and date of the next update. There is also a video thumb for the latest update in that category. Dominant on the page is a browse mechanism for selecting all models by name alphabetically A to Z. Unique to this site, there is also a search feature that allows you to search for that special model by indicating the physical characteristics you want him to have. Naturally, the fewer characteristics you designate the better your search results will be. A search feature for just duos and groups is also on this page. At the very top of this page you'll find some stationary options that remain accessible as you navigate around the site. They are: Search, Videos, Top Lads, Newsletter, and Forum.

After selecting a model, you are given his individual page which has his profile, along with the most extensive set of personal stats that I have seen on any site. This is followed by thumbs for his photo sets and any videos he may have. The videos are viewable either as 10 minute clips or as all in one 30 to 40 minute movies.

The photo set pages allow you to vote 1 to 5 stars for that model, with voting results showing up in the Top Lads section. Selecting photos in each set also provides you with a slide show option for hands free viewing.

The format used for the videos is MPEG-4 via Quicktime, and an option is provided for either instant online viewing or downloading. I found it disappointing that the player provided for the online viewing did not provide a larger picture, it being only about 1/3 full screen size. With downloading, however, a nearly full screen picture is available via playback on the regular Quicktime player on your computer. What worked best for me was to use the online versions for previewing what I wanted to download for more satisfactory viewing. Picture quality on these videos is satisfactory, but I think it would be a big improvement to this site if additional format and speed options were available.

An informative Newsletter and a nicely set up forum round out the many nice features of English Lads.

In conclusion, if a huge collection of sexy young British twinks presented in quality photo sets and videos is your cup of tea, then you can't go wrong with English Lads.

Reviewed: 10/19/2005
Reviewer: Lee Adams

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