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Jake Cruise started his site of original movies and photos in March of 2002, and it has since grown to become one of the major sites on the gay internet. As Jake himself says on his preview pages, however, his is not your typical gay website. This is because Jake chooses to involve himself in front of the camera in sex action of one type or another with many of his models. This is not true of all the material on the site, but it is true of much of it. That being said, Jake has managed to produce a quality site with a plethera of sexy models in a large collection of original movies & photos. A tour of the preview section of this site will give you a good idea of what you might expect available to you as a member. The accent is definitely on original videos, but an excellent photo series is also provided with each video. Unrestricted downloading is provided, along with a variety of options for online viewing. Many of Jake's models tend to be of the straight variety, but bi-sexual and gay orientations are also well represented. Model age is mostly in the twenty something range, with a few just slightly older. The models Jake chooses cover a variety of types, but it is safe to say they are all very hot and sexy young men. Technical aspects of Jake's movies are superior in quality, with excellent photography and picture quality in both online viewing and downloading. Site design is simple, well organized, and easy to navigate.

Site organization

Home page

The home page is also your main preview page, providing site details and descriptions, with samples of the videos you will find as a member. This page also has a complete alphabetical thumb pic listing of all the models to be found on the site, currently numbering 108.

Second page

This is technically your first member's page, but log in is not required until you select an individual video to view. Currently there are 203 videos shown in thumbs that are listed chronologically from newest to oldest. The site is updated with a new video every Friday. These videos are generally one of the following types:

1. Solos and auditions, with Jake usually involving himself to one degree or another with the models.

2. Massage videos. These involve one of the sexy models getting a complete erotic massage, either by Jake or sometimes by one of the other models. No photos are provided with massage videos.

3. Duo action videos. These are hardcore action videos, quite often involving Jake and one of the models. There are also quite a few 2 model action duos, with Jake occasionally adding himself to make it a 3-way.

In general, there is a wide variety of video types to choose from, allowing members to select according to personal preferance. A limited number of bareback videos are included, and these are appropriately labeled as such

Video pages.

The first video page gives you a photo thumb along with a word description of the video. In addition, there are 3 major options to choose from:

The movie. This option takes you to the movie pages for either online viewing or downloading.

The photos. This option takes you to the pages of high quality digital photos derived directly from the videos.

The guys. This simply takes you back to the video selection page.

Additional options are provided on this page for support and DVD purchase

Movie pages.

The first video page provides a drop down menu for online viewing allowing for selection of format, either Windows Media 9 or Quicktime 6, as well as access speed, either broadband or modem. For those wishing to download the video instead, an option for that takes you to the downloading page. Once you have made your selections for online viewing, the full length version begins to play, but an additional drop down menu also appears allowing selection of individual clips which vary in number and length for each video. A word discription is provided with each clip. There is some variation in full video length, but most of them run about 35 minutes.

The downloading page again gives you the same choice of formats and speeds for downloading. Also you are again given the option of downloading the full movie or just selected clips. This last option is especially helpful for those wishing to download only their favorite parts of the video. Downloading time can vary, but I found that with cable broadband, most of the time a 35 minute movie only took about 5 minutes to download.

In summary, Jake Cruise presents a large number of hot and sexy models in a wide variety of high quality video and photo material. Jake's approach of personal involvement in many of his videos may not appeal to everyone, but in my opinion there is enough model only material presented to give the site appeal to a variety of tastes and preferances. I suggest you take the tour or a trial membership and decide for yourself.

Reviewed: 08/24/2006
Reviewer: Lee Adams

Screen Shot of Jake Cruise's Member Area

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