If you happen to work in an office and have ever fantasized about what it would be like to get it on with that handsome suit and tie hunk working in the next cubicle or office, or perhaps even the boss himself, then Men At Play is just the site for you. Even if you don't work in an office and just have a thing for guys in suits and ties, this site should have special appeal for you. Men At Play is definitely a specialty site catering to such preferences, and has even won the Cybersocket award in the specialty site category. It is a British site featuring British models who would turn heads in any country. These are hunky guys in their twenties and sometimes thirties who definitely know what it takes to climb the corporate ladder. The site features these guys in solo and action movies and photos in various stages of dress and undress, but always maintaining that suit and tie connection. Streaming versions of the movies are presented in clips of varying number and length, generally 3 or 4 lasting 4 to 6 minutes each, and are available in Flashplayer 7 or newer format only. Whole movie DRM type downloading is now available, however, in the Windows Media format. Video capture photos are only available for online viewing and may not be saved.
Site design seems complicated at first due to the large and varied content, but once you become familiar with it navigation becomes easy. There is a lot to see and do on this site and I will try to give you some of the highlights, but a personal visitor's tour will give you a more detailed overview.

Major sections

Home page

The home page highlights the latest movie update, as well as the latest photo galleries, plus a section for you to list your favorites for easy access. There are additional smaller features on this page such as MAP News, Top 5 Models, Top 5 Movies, and Coming Soon.


The models section highlights the latest model, and then lists the other models in update order. So far there are 63 models listed on 5 pages. Each model has a thumb pic and worded background description. Selecting a model takes you to his personal page with large thumb pic, bio stats, and rating system. There are also direct thumb pic links to any photos or movies he may have.


The movies section divides the movies as to type, and lists them as channels 1 through 5.
Ch. 1.....Auditions
Ch, 2.....Behind the Scenes
Ch. 3.....Hardcore
Ch. 4.....Solo
Ch. 5.....Bonus Theatres
Each individual movie page has a box cover type thumb, the streaming and downloading options, a link to the screen cap photo page, a few preview photos, an add to favorites link, and a rating system. Streaming and downloading details were listed in my introductory paragraphs. Note: Bonus movies are available in Real Player format only.

This section contains the MAP forum which is open to all members.

This section is devoted to illustrations and stories of an erotic nature.

Any MAP models who also provide escorting services have their ads listed here with the usual escort information provided.

The remaining sections for Support (FAQ), Links, and Press basically contain what you might expect under these headings.

In summary, the content on Men At Play is large and varied, and it should provide any suit and tie enthusiast with may hours of enjoyment. A visitor's tour of the site should provide a clear picture of membership benefits.

Reviewed: 11/04/2006
Reviewer: Lee Adams

Screen Shots of Men at Play's Member Area

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