Sean Cody has long been considered one of the internet's premier websites. Consistently it has ranked near the top on most surveys and opinion polls conducted on the net. Within it's own category of straight/amateur guy sites, it is unquestionably the best around. The reason for this is that each aspect of the site employs the highest production standards in the industry. The end result is a very polished and professional look, while still retaining that erotic appeal demanded by it's members. Although Sean does allow himself to become part of some of the material on his site, this aspect is kept to a minimum, and his soft spoken and easy going way is never obtrusive or distracting. His interviewing of models in solo videos is brief and to the point, and always seems to bring out the best in his subjects. In the duo and other action videos, he is on scene for a brief introduction, and then leaves the stage to the participants. If you have not yet had the benefit of experiencing Sean's work, I will go through each aspect of his videos so that you can understand just why they are considered so superior.


Sean has a reputation for always obtaining only the best models available for his site. He certainly goes to great effort in this endeavor, but this fact also results in the best models wanting to be on his site. Straight guy J/O videos are a specialty of this site. but model sexual orientation obviously runs the gamut from straight to bisexual to outright gay. This results in an ample amount of duo, 3-way, and even 4 and 5 way fuck videos to spice up and put plenty of variety in the menu. Multiple model J/O contests to see who can cum the farthest are a fun specialty of this site.
Although each model is unique and has his own individual appeal, it can generally be said that they are all well hung sexy young men with beautiful bodies and handsome faces. Ages of these models range from 18 to 30. If you are looking for skinny barely legal twink types you will not find them here. What you will find, however, are masculine young hunks of the type that many of us dream of waking up next to each morning. Included with each video is an interesting written history and background of the model or models involved.


Sean does all his own photography for his videos, but he does employ an assistant with a second camera on many of his videos. After editing, this results in a finished product that always shows the best view and angles of his subjects or action, with mouth watering close-ups in abundance. Cum shots are photographed from a full view distance, and then replayed instantly as a close-up taken by a second camera. Spectacular to say the least!! The camera work always flows smooth and steady, giving his videos a very polished and professional look. It is obvious that Sean has gone to the trouble and added expense of obtaining the very best camera equipment available, resulting in picture quality that is so outstanding the viewer feels like he is actually there.


Another aspect that makes Sean's videos so outstanding is the audio portion accompanying each video. There is no annoying music background to interfere, and the most sensitive microphones are used, giving you a crisp clear sound that brings you every nuance of whatever action you are viewing. This also helps to promote a feeling of participation by the viewer.


Even though the accent is on videos on Sean's site, he also includes an ample amount of photos to supplement these videos. A varying amount of thumb pics for enlarged viewing are available from each video.

Additional information

Format for Sean Cody videos is Windows Media, with versions 8 or higher being recommended. Online viewing and downloading is available in 256K, 512K, and 1024K speeds, with downloading being recommended for members with slower connection speeds. Only the newest 50 or so videos have the 1024K speed available. Sean does employ DRM (Digital Rights Management) with his videos. Anyone unfamiliar with this feature can refer to the site for an explanation.

A new video is added to the Sean Cody site on a weekly basis. Currently there is an archive of 274 videos going back to Sean's early beginnings. Of these 189 are solo and 85 are duo or group action videos.

Reviewed: 08/20/2005
Reviewer: Lee Adams

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