"The most for the least" is not just an empty slogan to Tyler, the very handsome and personable young webmaster at Tyler's Room, but it is a motto he lives by in everything he does for his site and its' members. Tyler's hands-on approach to running his website makes it unique among sites of its' type. There are other mega sites that offer similar content, but it is Tyler's personal involvement in the day to day affairs of his site that brings him into constant contact with his membership. His concern for their satisfaction and welfare has won him the friendship and loyalty of over 6000 members, and growing. Tyler started his site 5 years ago and has constantly added to and improved its' content until it now boasts the largest internet content of any other site of its' type. Tyler runs his site by himself and does not have a stable of models and a crew of photographers to create original content for the site, but he leaves no stone unturned to see that Tylers Room offers the most complete amount of features that can be found on the gay internet. Not only that, he constantly scours the net to find even more sites and features to add for his members, without even considering raising his nominal subscription rate. He is never satisfied with the status quo, and even asks for suggestions from the membership as to what they would like to see added. If it is available, it will be added. I have been a member at Tylers Room myself for about 3 years now, and for me it has become my internet home. I would not even consider ever leaving it. I once commented to Tyler that even though we had a vast amount of video material for viewing online, it was a shame that we did not have any that was downloadable. In no time at all Tyler added a new feature to the site that contains downloadable videos that get updated regularly. That is just one example out of many of his response to the desires of his members, either as individuals or as a group. If and when technical problems arise, he is quick to solve them if it is in his power to do so. I will try to describe for you the content to be found at Tylers Room, and when I am finished I am confident you will agree that Tylers Room members do indeed get "the most for the least".


First of all it must be stated that the design and organization of Tylers Room is simply amazing. Convenient and easy access is provided to all the site features from one single page. Features on the main page are grouped according to type.
At the top of the page is a What's New area where all the new updates are listed on a daily basis. This area also provides easy access to the Forum and Video Chat Room sections which are popular features of the site that will be described in detail elsewhere in this review.

Down the left side of the page is a section listing 24 live cam with chat sites. This includes virtually every live cam site available on the gay internet.

Next comes the photos section headed by Tyler's Selected Sets, which is a collection of 80,000 pics in high resolution photo sets selected personally by Tyler himself. A variety of viewing options are available with these photos. There are also 10 additional photo features including photos from Citiboyz and Miami Studios.

We next come to the Video Downloads section which contains a variety of videos of varying type and length, all available to download to your hard drive. Tylers Room is quite unique among sites of this type for providing this special feature for the benefit of it's members.

Tyler's Movie feeds is next and this section contains no less than 76 full length studio movies from the AEBN pay-per-view sites, except at Tylers Room you get free unlimited online viewing with all the playback options familiar to pay-per-view patrons. These movies are grouped into 18 different headings such as Solo Boys, Twink Time, Military Recruits, Meat Police, Gay Asian, Dirty Leather, Black Balled, and Frat Boys, to name some but not all of them. Whatever may be your taste in gay movies, you are sure to find it in the movie feeds. All these movies are updated to new ones on the first of each month.

If you are already impressed by the content on this site, take a deep breath, because we are just getting started!!

How about 46 video and movie features in the next section called More Movie Feeds. I will not attempt to list all the titles for these features, but a few that you might recognize are: Gay Dreams, Bears and Cubs, Male Climax, Latin Flavors, Male Adventures, , and many many more. I would venture to say that every video feed available on the net is here to provide you with countless hours of online video viewing. Some, but not all, of these video features provide periodic updates.

Now turning to the right side of the main page, we start at the top with a section called Reality Sites. The 7 sites in this section are: Twinks For Cash, Gay Blind Date, He Likes It Big, His First Gay Experience, Boys Casting, Street Bait, and Cum On Boys. That about covers the field in this category, and I'm sure your favorite is listed. All of these sites are composed of both video and photos, and are updated on a regular basis.

Hold on, there's even more!!

Premium Features is the next section, which includes 16 of the most popular video/photo features available on the net. They are:
Cruiser Boys, Sex Gaymes, Squirtz, Czech Boys, Rear Stable, Citiboyz Theatre, Fetish Force, Dick Show, HDK Bare, Maximo Latino, Trey's Top Tips, Monster Cock Project, Miami Studios, Premium Gay, Movie Of The Week, and Stud Video. They are all here for your erotic enjoyment. Most of them update at varying intervals.

Want still more??

How about 21 More Movie Feeds to be added to the 46 already mentioned previously?? Such popular movie feeds as Oral Fellas, Bottom Boys, Cocksucking Twinks, Sargeant Suckoff, Oh So Tender, Men At Work, just to name a few. Staggers the mind, doesn't it??

That MUST be all, you say. Oh no!! We can't forget the Magazine Rack that includes every major e-zine to be found on the gay internet. Here you will find Rainbow Magazine, Unzipped, Freshmen Magazine, (2) Magazine, Men Magazine, Dick Magazine, and TWYM Cyberfold. Magazine fans are bound to find their favorite here.

To round things off, there'a section for Erotic Stories, plus a Funnies Section that has Dirty Toons and Gags & Politics.

Last, but certainly not least, is Tyler's personal section simply called "TYLER". Members get to know and make friends with him on the site, but here is where you will find everything you need for an intimate and "Up close and personal" look at the beloved Webmaster of Tylers Room.

At the very bottom of the Tylers Room main page you will find links to some of Tyler's recommended sites, two pay-per-view features, and two gay dating site links.


In early 2004, Tyler launched a special forum for his members, and this forum has become so popular that it is now a major attraction at Tyler's Room. A video/chat room has also been added for those who like their communications on a more intimate level. The main forum is separated into 5 topic areas. but cross-overs can and often do occur.
1. The Kitchen Table. This section is for topics that are very general in nature.
2. The Playroom. A place to post your favorite jokes or anything else of a playful and humorous nature.
3. The Bedroom. Any topics of a sexual nature get posted here
4. The Tool Shed. Basically a help section for members to post technical problems, and others to respond with answers.
5. The Outhouse. A place to vent your feelings when you have had a bad day.

Generally speaking, a friendly atmosphere of "family" togetherness is prevalent among the members who participate in the forum. Many strong bonds of friendship have been formed between members just from their participation in the varied discussions on this forum. Any Tylers Room member is welcome on the forum, and the only other requirement is that he register and choose a user name for the forum. And don't forget, if you have a webcam, you will find a fun place to use it in the forum webcam/chat room.

Reviewed: 08/14/2005
Reviewer: Lee Adams

Screen Shot of Tyler's Room Members Area


If you are now ready and anxious to get "the most for the least" with a Tylers Room membership, you can sign up for just $19.95 per month on a recurring basis. In my opinion, the best bargain on the gay internet!!

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