Some tips...

1. Close sites that flood you with pop-ups. Don't even bother with them! They almost always have nothing to offer you anyways. One is tolerable, none is best, good webmasters with good sites would not want to piss you off in that manner.

2. Avoid sites with cheesy tours promising all sorts with no actual list of what's available. Sites that clearly show you what you are buying before you pay are the best. Look for sites that show you the content and site update info. You need to know what you pay for and when it updates.

3. Avoid overly expensive sites. Sites will only charge big bucks because they can, not because the site is necessarily worth the money.

4. Be wary of free trials. Free trials can be a good way to preview a site without spending too much money. Just be aware they will rebill you at monthly rate without notification so if you're not interested in staying as a member try to remember to cancel the same day you signup.

5. Avoid banners and ads! They are always about money. The internet is full of trusted resource sites now to help you make informed purchasing decisions. So bookmark us for starters! Blindly clicking, especially in the adult marketplace is a risky business.

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